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A Commitment to Wellness

A good night’s sleep is essential to making the most of your day and supporting your long-term wellness. At Princess Cruises®, we’re committed to ensuring our guests come back from their vacation feeling refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated. That’s why with your overall wellness in mind, we’ve collaborated with leading experts in both the science and beauty of sleep to develop the new Princess Luxury Bed.

Developed by Experts

Each element of the bed was carefully considered and developed in collaboration with board-certified sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus and HGTV designer Candice Olson. The mattress utilizes the latest in sleep science research and technology for a truly comfortable night’s rest, while the linens are designed to make an immediate visual impact conducive to relaxation.

Scientifically Designed, Beautifully Styled

Created exclusively for Princess by the manufacturer of some of the most comfortable hotel beds in the world, our luxurious new beds envelop in opulent style and pure, blissful comfort. Ultra-premium features including a plush two-inch thick pillow top, a nine-inch single sided medium firm mattress for enhanced support, individually wrapped coils for less partner disturbance, a European-inspired duvet and 100% luxurious Jacquard-woven cotton linens. The result is a bed that’s scientifically designed and beautifully styled.

Exclusive Insights

Daylight Savings is Sunday, March 12th. Dr. Michael Breus, the Princess Cruises Sleep Expert offers these simple tips to help you thrive:

1) Go to bed 20 minutes earlier Wednesday and Thursday; then another 20 minutes earlier Friday and Saturday before Daylight Savings. This will help your body adjust to the time change more easily.
2) When you wake up Sunday morning, immediately change the time on your bedroom clock. Help your brain visualize the time change.
3) Eat lunch and dinner 30-60 minutes earlier for 3 days before the time change to get your other daily routines in sync for the adjustment.
4) A few days before the time change, stop drinking caffeine at 1 PM to help with the earlier bedtime.
5) Avoid alcohol during the weekend of the time change (this one can be tough).
6) Keep up your exercise during the week for better sleep quality. Maybe throw in an extra workout this weekend.
7) Make sure you get sunlight in the morning the day of the time change to help reset your body clock.


Interested in our commitment to wellness and and relaxing cruise vacation experiences? Learn More.


Featured Product

The Complete
Princess Luxury Bed

$1799 – $2099


Step on a luxurious sleep voyage and bring home the entire Princess Bed Collection, complete with our premium mattress, mattress topper, and bedding linen. Scientifically designed and beautifully styled, this bundle is carefully crafted to bring you the best night’s sleep so you can tackle whatever excursion awaits you the next day.


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